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LOVE ALL Sports Academy is a Complete Sports Training Academy, dealing will all stages of the players’ development right from inception, assimilation, practice, training, fine tuning, tournament simulation and refinement. We teach our students to be effective and efficient practitioners of the sport and give them the much needed competitive edge and real-time training on par with the fast pace that the game is changing at the global level.

Love All Sports is located at the prime location of Padayani Road between Maruthamkuzhy and PTP Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram. Started by a group of shuttle badminton enthusiasts in 2016, Love All Sports is now a paradise for Soccer, Table Tennis, Cricket & Badminton trainers & players.

We’re proud to strive as a performance-based organization. No matter what level our recruits are, we polish and put a shine to them so they can achieve their personal best and capitalize on opportunities without losing out on a complicated.

Click the video for a virtual tour of our soccer field at Thittamangalam

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Click the video for a virtual tour of our facility in PTP Nagar, Trivandrum